Our comprehensive range of services for patient care has been designed to ensure that every patient gets personalized services in a safe & comfortable environment where there conditions are held in strictest confidence: Here’s what we have to offer:

Skin Care Advice:

This category involves the following products and services:

  • A wide range of Skin Care Products
  • Organic Skin Care Advice
  • Natural Skin Care Tips
  • Expert Advice & Tips for Skin Care

HIV Counselling & Testing:

Our range of services under this category are:

  • Pre-test Counselling for HIV testing
  • Complete HIV testing
  • HIV post test Counselling
  • HIV awareness program
  • HIV prevention Strategies

Blood Sugar Monitoring:

Here’s a range of services we offer under this category

  • Blood Sugar Checks
  • Free blood sugar monitors
  • Dietary changes to control blood sugar levels
  • Sugar substitutes and there usage
  • Medication compliance counseling and
  • Identifying signs & symptoms of hypoglycemia
  • Identifying signs & symptoms of hyperglycemia

Blood Pressure Check:

For Hypertensive patients, we offer:

  • High Blood pressure testing
  • Blood pressure monitors
  • Dietary changes to control hypertension
  • Medication compliance counseling
  • Identifying signs & symptoms of hypotension
  • Identifying possible medication side effects

Cancer Medication:

Cancer medications are among the most difficult for patients to source and as a result we have taken the opportunity to provide a service that will prove most helpful in what must be a difficult time.

For every form of carcinoma, we offer our patients a comprehensive range of cancer medications which includes both oral and injectables. It includes chemotherapy drugs, pain medications and treatments for accompanying conditions.

We provide our cancer patients with the personalized care and additional assistance they need during a difficult time. Contact us and we will make this period a little easier to manage.


If you live or work in the Half Way Tree area we will pick-up your prescriptions and deliver your medications free of cost.